Nice to meet you!

Hey! I’m Chelsea. I am so happy you are here, however you got here. I created this page, so we could no longer be strangers. I want it to be a place for us to connect. Build a community. Hopefully, you saw something that made you want to start a conversation. If you are a newbie to industry or someone who has been working in it for years I would love to get to know you and hear what you do. See if we can chat, grab a coffee, trade skills, collaborate together, or just become friends. I know what it is like to be in this crazy awesome creative industry, and sometimes it can feel stupidly lonely. I also second shoot, and sometimes need second shooters myself. I know nothing about wedding flowers, but I would love to learn. And wedding planners I want to understand how you do what you do ( this is me bowing down to you in respect). Leave me a message below, along with a link to your page. Excited to connect, and thanks for your awesome work. Nobody could do what you do!