With everything I do for CMP, I hope more than anything you loved your experience working with me. From emailing, scheduling, engagement shoots, beer hangouts, to the actual day itself, I really hope you loved it all. It is always so awesome to have my clients write testimonials for me so I can share not only my work but my experience with my future clients. I don’t want people to just hear it from me, but also from you. If you could take some time to write some truthful words about your experience with Chelsea Morgan Photography I would be so grateful.

If you end up filling out these three testimonials platforms I will send you a $5 gift card to Starbucks. Honesty, you could copy and paste one to another if you would like! Just make sure you read the instructions for each to understand who will be reading your words and what other requirements some of the other platforms will require for a full review.



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A great way to go into details about the CMP experience. Go to my specific WeddingWire webpage to complete the review . Follow there instructions to complete a full review.


Another platform that would be great to have some truthful words about working with me. Go to my Knot page to fill out a review.



The conditions must be upheld to receive the promotional gift.

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