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Hello! I’m Chelsea. I’m super tall, have curly hair, and have mad skills on the dance floor ( Try me, I dare you!). I will forever be a lover of natural light. I am inspired by colors, fonts, or anything graphic design related. If I could be anything else, I would probably be an interior decorator, or a ballerina – those mad dance skills I was telling you about. I love Pixar movies more than any 4-year-old, and I am part of a fun, lovable family that consists of my husband Andrew, our adorable pitbull Chewie, and our sweet tripod dog Phoebe. I am totally a visual person, find happiness in the details, and love people who march to the beat of their own drum. Deep conversations are kinda my thing, and people who are madly in love and aren’t afraid to show it make me SO happy. I’m a photographer, yes, but also a storyteller, creative soul, educator, marriage supporter, and hopefully someone you would call your  friend. Your memories mean everything to me. Photography to me is more about the authentic, genuine imperfections that make life so wonderful, rather than anything forced or staged. I’m so thrilled you hopped, stumbled, discovered, were dragged onto, or simply clicked on my page and I would love to get to know you in hopes that we can capture some truly beautiful memories together. I am currently living in the triangle area, but willing to travel near and far for any stories that might come about :) 

So that was my introduction, now it’s your turn!

My Philosophy

Before I go into my list, I want to explain the purpose of this section. I have about 4 years under my belt in photography, and after being a part of so many weddings, discovering my style, and finding what makes my heart skip a beat, you slowly start to understand the people you are “meant” to work with. I am not the photographer for everyone. There I said it. BUT I am the photographer for anyone who reads this and finds themselves nodding along to the list below because it simply makes sense. Or they might be more aggressive and yelling YES at the screen right now – either way, I’ll take it! As a photographer I can confidently say, I want you to find the best photographer for you on your special day. All photographers might capture pictures, but we all do it in different ways. We all have a different approach, different techniques, and different editing styles. And just like you, I want to find the clients who I mesh with, who I can laugh with, and understand their story so what I capture can reflect it in the best way. It is when this magic happens that walls come down, and true emotions can flow, helping me create the work I am oh so proud of. It sounds simple but requires the right formula to work properly. So read the list below and listen to what your gut is telling you.

Very lovely
  • My family
  • Sweet people
  • Intimate weddings
  • Anything from Anthropologie, West Elm, or Target
  • People who are not afraid of showing me real emotions
  • Photo editing in my sweatpants
  • Adventurers
  • Natural light
  • Intentional weddings
  • All the cuddles, all the time
  • Being outdoors
  • Queso ( because duh)
  • Fantastic dance moves
  • Sharing love stories
    ( the good, the bad, and the ugly)
  • Unplugged ceremonies
  • Windows down, music turned up
  • Know the importance of photography
  • Involved couples
  • Collaborating
Not so much
  • Recreating pinterest photos
  • Shot lists
  • Rude vendors ( we are on the same team!)
  • Windowless venues
  • Bridezillas
  • Capturing fake moments to create a love-story
  • Clients who say “You can just photoshop that, right?” (Touch ups, sure, change your appearance… absolutely NOT)
  • Humongous wedding parties
  • Boxed vendor meals
  • Matching attire at family sessions
  • Photo directing bystanders
  • People who call me  “just the photographer”
  • Unintentional wedding traditions (it’s not about what they want, it’s about what you want)
  • People who tell me I’m their 5th choice
    ( Why, why would you do that?)
  • People who think weather will make or break the wedding
  • Clients who don’t keep me in the loop

Now I am here to help whether I am the photographer for you or not. I am happy to answer questions. I’m telling you, I’m 100% invested in my clients and what I do, I would truly hope you take the time and effort to find that person who you click with. It’s that important. I promise you will not regret it :)

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