January Giveaway

Thank you for entering this giveaway! The details and rules are below. To enter please fill and complete the form below, then hit submit. The gIveaway will end January 25th, and be announced on different social media platforms on January 26. If you win, I will personally email you. Good luck!!!

Details for the session:

  • 1-hour session
  • Hi-Resolution, edited photos
  • Online Gallery
  • Free travel in the NC area*

*Any travel outside NC will have to be settled in payment for gas/airfare, food, and hotel.

Rules for session apply below:

  • You have to be past your 1 year wedding anniversary.
  • This session is to focus on you and your partner, so this session will not include pets or children.
  • The session has to take place sometime in 2018.


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You have read the rules of this giveaway, and therefore understand the conditions of this giveaway. You also ok with CMP contacting you if you win, and understand there will be more conversations between the couple and the photographer before a session is a scheduled. *