Gioia and Justin won my 2015 Wedding giveaway, and I could not be more happy about it! When sorting through all the stories and submissions, Gioia and Justin caught my eyes for so many reasons. Gioia is a fellow graphic designer, and the girl has some style. When I heard how she was envisioning her day, I knew this would be a wonderful challenge for me. There love story was awesome, they were so easy to talk to you, and it was great to see the journey from their dreams of their day to the reality of it. I loved their uniqueness and the fact that it was 100% them. People who get married in Raleigh normally do not get married at their venue, and I loved that! The fact that her mom made her dress, and their wedding party might have been the most attractive people I have ever met didn’t hurt either. So happy I got this opportunity, and so thankful it was Gioia and Justin on the other end!