Watching this girl grow before my very eyes is the craziest thing I have ever experienced. In the past three months her little wobble has turned into a confident walk, she has full on conversations with us even though we have no idea what she is saying, and seeing her enjoy Holden Beach the way our family has for so many year was absolutley everything. 

One morning, we decided to hop up early and capture Lindsey and Andy and baby Claire to document her 15 months of life. Now, if you came here for smiling faces pointing towards the camera, you came to the wrong blog. Being 15 months old means exploring, being tossed up in the air by your dad, and picking up every shell you can possibly find while waving to seagulls that fly overhead. So that is exactly what we did. It's the only way I enjoy capturing youngsters. You can't force them to be something they are not, and that is beautiful. Lindsey and Andy are also crushing it as parents, so we definitely need to give credit where it is deserved. All in all, Aunt Chelsea loves her little girl, and I am so happy to capture every growing moment I can. 


Couldn't love this family more. I have watched them grow since Katie & Reid were pregnant with their first. My favorite thing to see in this family is how Reid and Katie play with their children. From the years of sessions together, I rarely have to say a word anymore, I just get to observe, which can only hope to create pure magic.

Katie and Reid's natural instinct to pick up their kids and make them laugh, snuggle them, and just genuinely play with them around seven in the morning is something to witness. It isn't perfect, but it isn't suppose to be. We sometimes have two kids running off in two different directions. But that chase to get them back sometimes naturally develops the perfect amount of laughter and cuddles to capture beautiful moments exactly like the ones below. It captures the essence of what this family is all about, and that is all anyone should ever hope for. 


By the time this is posted Jen and Jared will already have a little baby girl! Bah! That is exciting and crazy, I cannot believe she is almost a month old. Andrew and I went down to Charleston for this mini adventure, and had the joy of capture these two right before little Eleanor arrived. Fun facts about Charleston: I've never been there when it's cold, so that was a new, frigid experience for me and I feel slightly guilty about how much I love Spanish moss especially since it's really bad for trees. But anyways, I would go back in a heartbeat. It's the most magical place ever to take photos even when everything is dreary and gray. We explored an old Naval neighborhood together that the city was converting into a park, but we had it pretty much to ourselves. Andrew and I got to ask these two some good questions as they prepared their hearts and their minds for their new baby girl which made for the best photos of them laughing together. I'm so excited for Jen & Jared and their new family member that is about to take them on a wonderful adventure. Little Eleanor you are so very loved, I hope you know that to the fullest extent.

Asset 16.jpg



I know I have talked about this so much already, but I had to post about Stephanie's amazing duplex that I had the honor of capturing last year. If you guys don't already know, Stephanie and I are dear friends and we are pretty much the same person, especially when it comes to home decorating. So I suggested to her to let me capture her home. She agreed and we decided we wanted to get it published somewhere online to show off her amazing decorating skills. We were very fortunate that Apartment Therapy featured it not once but twice, upgrading it to a Full House Tour. You can check out the whole feature here. If you want to know where Stephanie got any of her furniture, make sure you check it out because she had to list out every single piece of furniture for them. *Spoiler alert: Stephanie is a huge Target & Craigslist shopper*.

I wanted to finally do my own blog post about it because I’m freaking proud of this. It was so much fun getting to work with her and capture the place that she has put so much love into. I'm telling you guys, this is a weird passion project that I started because to me home is where the heart is and Stephanie has made this her home. So make sure you check it out here, on and also start following Stephanie at @duplexdreaming on Instagram because she's simply fantastic :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with me, Stephanie! 


It is my dream, no my mission, to have more clients like Grace. This high school senior contacted me to take her senior pictures and I was stupidly excited. If I could show you the setup for my senior pictures, the fake backgrounds alone would make you cringe. So the fact that Grace didn't want any of the normal graduation fluff made me so happy! You are so much more than your shiny graduation gown and those fake backgrounds.

Here are couple snapshots from our time together where I got to know Grace, ask her questions about her future, and captured her exactly how she is before she enters her crazy college journey. All the good stuff to remember before a new adventure begins.



So excited to be doing Fall Mini Sessions this year. Hoping with all my heart this becomes a trend. These types of sessions are the PERFECT thing right before the holiday season, or if you just need to capture a little life update.

What you need to know

  • Date: October 21
  • Time: 20-minute session
  • Photos: 15 hi-res, edited images
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  • Price: $225 (tax included)

You will also receive either two 11 x 14 prints, or one 16 x 20 print of your favorite image from our time together for FREE! These spots will go fast, so reserve your spot today by clicking here. Cannot wait to capture your memories!